Tuesday, August 31, 2004

And We Start Over

Yap. We are starting this cycle again. As the school begins, the routine starts as well. Homework, projects, trials, meetings, conferences, you name it. My life revolves around my children, my schedule is adjusted to theirs. They are top priorities. One thing to tackle after another, they keep me going, sometimes it is to the direction of going insane. They also give me pressure. They give me challenges and joy of living, depending on from which angle I look at them. Occasionally, due to my human imperfection, I fail to see the bright side of an occurence of issue.

It is certainly not easy being a kid these days. There are so many things out there to learn and to achieve, yet everyone's time is always 24 hours a day. Learning to choose is crucial, learning to prioritise is important, along with knowing one's limitation and the joy of living.