Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Wish I Knew Their Names

I know how roses look like, as well as jasmine. I know a few others too. However, my vocabulary on flowers have always been and may always be limited. Having said that, I must add that it will not stop me from taking pictures of them. They are gorgeous! These beauties are from New Zealand last Christmas.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Little Heavy Treat

I could make an excuse by saying that I made these yummy fried cheese flat breads to celebrate a little rally in the asian stock market yesterday. But, nooo.... I made them because there was a request, besides they are deliciously irresistible. Occasionally some extra calories could be easily forgiven and forgotten. These are just flour, cheese, yolk and milk. They are healthy, except for the deep frying part, which brought the best of them. Yum.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Attempt On Ciabatta Making

I has come across my mind many times to try making ciabatta, another favorite Italian bread in the family. We mostly buy a delicious one or two from a bakery right across the street almost on daily basis. But, finally, the day has come!!!!!

I started the sponge yesterday, confidently planned to make it this morning upon sending off the kids to school. The recipe indicates that I need to use a mixer fitted with the dough hook and it only hit me this morning that I had no idea where my dough hook was. I bought my new Kenwood early in December before we went to New Zealand. During these five to six weeks, this dough hook has been securely placed somewhere. Somewhere safe indeed!! After searching the whole kitchen all morning without any results, I decided that the show must go on, with or without the dough hook.

Let my mighty hand be the replacement of the mixer. The result? Just look at them yourselves! Not too shabby.........

A Leap Into the Fourth Week

Suddenly, I found myself towards the end of January. My first two weeks were pretty much dedicated to the guests that came and stayed at our place, along with the start of new school term. Then I paced myself to catch up and keep up with my long and growing to-do list, some of which were over due. Life can be depressing upon seeing the stock markets around the world tumbling down really madly. Aside from that, everything else is almost very routine this week and I am back in the kitchen with my own mixing, whisking, baking and frying, a little bit experimenting too!

Italian food has always been one of the favorites of the family, excluding yours sincerely. Preparing too much of pasta, irregardless of the type, somehow has slightly killed my appetite on them. I, though, still enjoy preparing them from time to time.

Yesterday, despite only feeding three hungry little women, I decided to serve a gigantic calzone, richly filled with pepperoni, mushroom, onion and cheese as well as a medium size pizza. There's a flat bread for starter. A glass of cold Zappel with some ice cubes. Wunderbar! I couldn't resist them myself.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hello 2008!

It's about time to say hello to a new year. I can't remember how I started the year, I know that we just got back from our 11 day trip to New Zealand and we are having five guests coming on the first day of the year. So it's all about clearing up two rooms for the guests and rearranging some furnitures and cleaning and dusting. I guess it's all work-work-work. "Happy Working Song" from Enchanted seemed appropriate for the occasion.

I can't believe how fast 2007 went by. I don't want to look back too much as I am trying to be a "moving on" person.

I have so much to be grateful aboout, many great things happened in 2007. All those sadness and unhappiness are to be left there, I will carry on the happy moments only.

2007 was the year that took me to Bintan, Malaysia, California, Jakarta, Shenzhen, Macau, Hongkong and New Zealand. There are probably some other places that I went to but I can't recall at present. Satisfying indeed. I made good investments in Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Chanel too. It was a year in which God blessed us again with good health.

2008? It's been firing since the beginning. Two sisters came with a husband, a nephew and a niece. In between going to the hospital, cooking, baking and cleaning, we had a great time together. And soon we will be on the 12th day of the year.