Friday, December 30, 2016

Chia Pudding

Two more das before we say goodbye to 2016. I ask the same thing like everybody asks, where did the time go?? Have I failed to treasure the days that have passed? It is hard to believe that the year that feels so new, is now nearly over. There have always been things to do, million things to chose from, if you desire that. I am happy that I don't have a day in which I get bored and have no clue on what I should do. I love most of everything that happened this year and I will do my best to forget the unpleasant things that took place.

I still have lots of love for chia pudding. It's a healthy but simple thing to prepare and there are so many variations to make. You can use any type of liquid, milk, chocolate flavor, matcha, vanilla, cinnamon sugar, etc. You can top the pudding with anything you like as well. Your imagination is the limit.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Almond Cookies

Christmas time is cookie time. I baked some almond cookies using Dorie Greenspan's recipe this year and this is a recipe to keep and remake indeed. Delicious and moreish!

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Beast & Butterflies Lunch

This restaurant was opened recently in Robertson Quay area. We had lunch there not too long ago and had this Crispy noodles with lobster and sambal gravy. Despite its name, it was very mild in terms of spiciness. In my definition, sambal should be at least a little spicy.

We also tried their Duck crispies or basically wonton with duck fillings.

For dessert, we had their Extravaganza, which consisted of their four desserts, all were in their normal size. So, I say, they were too big and too much for the two of us. The yam brulee was our favorite followed by the mango and sticky rice.