Friday, May 28, 2004

Guardian Angels

I do have at least two guardian angels that are by my side. They pull me up when I feel down and show me the blessings that I have got. All I have to do is opening up, my heart and my soul.

Dark clouds hanging over me since last night, 'though it's now beginning to clear up.

I remember "pulling" KLan to see the Oprah Show, because that day, it was showing a lady who lost her three sons, because her ex-husband shot them. She had lymphoma and I was trying to lift up her spirit.

This morning, the same show featured a different lady whose four children, ranging from 5 yrs old to teenagers, were all shot dead by her ex-husband. How many of us have said "This is the worst day of my life."? Certainly those worst days are likely to be nothing compared to this lady's, a vet in the the 40-50s. She's not over it yet, after all it happened merely two years ago. It is certainly very painful for her, and for everyone else to just hear the story.

I believe my guardian angels pulled me to see the show knowing what a terrible morning I had. I was shown my wake-up call. Not easy to wake up and get up when anyone is physically and mentally exhausted, but your willingness is a start. One step will be followed by the next. And next.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

At the backyard of St. Ignatius Church, Singapore

Our Mother's statue
by LKG

The statue is located at the back of the church. Some people come and pray here too.
This picture was taken after KAGCH finished her last CCD class yesterday afternoon. See in September, "Grade 3 Will Be!!!"

What Happened On Wednesday

Things are started to fall into places. We have now our visas to enter both Canada and USA. Our tickets are being issued. We are getting ready to travel up north.

First things first.
We have very busy 3 1/2 weeks ahead of us.
KAGCH will be having her violin exam and LGGCL will be having her class as well as solo performance in the first week of June. PLGCCwill be going on her class trip to Tioman. Kayaking. And camping too. Sounds like a great fun.

There will be fun fair at school among many things that will be happening before the school ends. There will be Sports Day too, this will be on the last Monday of school. More birthday parties, some will be missed. Year end parties, depending on the location of the party.

LG and her whole class are going to see Harry Potter new movie, courtesy of Ms. Abidin, her tutor group teacher. How nice.

PL and her girlfriends are going to see a movie on the last day of school, after school.

Now all those are laid out, we are having air con guys come over this afternoon to service our air cons. They have been a little overworked considering how hot it has been in Singapore lately.