Saturday, December 04, 2004

28 Days Before New Year

We're counting down, that's what we tend to do in December. Waiting and waiting til the year is finished and the new year to come, hoping and and wishing things will be better and better things will come. We are thankful that we are so blessed, we are waiting for more for everyone, especially for those who are suffering.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

December Is Around The Corner

What has happened? All of sudden, December is arriving tomorrow. How I wish I had enjoyed the first eleven months of 2004 better! I have been busy, too busy that time slipped away in front of my eyes and I didn't see much of it. The children have grown by inches, they are smarter and are bulding stronger identity of who they are. They are older, we are older, everybody is. It's absolutely hard to chew that it is 30 November.

What have I accomplished? What changes I have made for the better? Thinking back, I am quite pleased to say that there are many. I should be proud to say that I have made some differences in my family's life and my own life and I should say that there is room for improvement. I'm not going into details, but in my head and in my mind, a short review has been made.

How about for new year resolutions? Well, I'm not a new year resolution person, I am a firm believer of do what you can do today or now. If I want to be happy, I will be happy now. I'm not going to wait to be happy until my children go to college, get a great job, get married ot have kids. If I want to lose weight, I will start dieting immediately, not beginning next week, next month or next year.

If I remember something, I'd better do it now or write it down in my PDA, as along with getting older, getting wiser, it's also getting harder to remember too many things. My memory is getting fuller and I doubt if I can increase its memory like those memory cards.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Trapeze Area - Club Med Bintan

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Revisit Bintan

After two and a half years, we are re-visiting Bintan tomorrow. We are all excited for different reasons. Mr. G is packing all his business necessities... duhhh...!!!?? The rest of us have packed our shorts, tees, swimmers and all fun and leisure -related things.

All set for now. Ta - ta.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

It's October

Here we are in October. Halloween is just around the corner and before you know it, it'll be Christmas again.

I am getting used to writing "2004" and in less than three months I have to get used to with writing 2005.

Time is this little creature that moves so fast, it is best to enjoy every single second of it, as it is so precious. Sometimes I need some forms of reminder to count my blessings and to get close to our Creator. A little hiccup here and some coughs there draw me closer to the Lord and teach me to trust Him. Just like those wise people says, God may have another plan for me, something bigger and better. We all need to learn patience to be more appreciative towards what we have.

I am relieved that we are having a break. We all have worked hard during the first half of the term and we need some relaxing holiday..........

Friday, September 17, 2004

Happy Birthday

Ma, you would be 77 years old if you stayed on earth, but you left two years ago to a happier place. Happy birthday no matter what, have a great day wherever you are. I imagine you are enjoying the day with papa and KLan and grandma and others that love you. I miss you, I love you.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Life Was Different Back Then

I used to love weekends, even back when I had three children already. It was enjoyable being together, it was fun to do things together. Little children are cuter, more obedient and more adorable. They demand less, they eat less and are less fussy in terms of choosing what to do at what time. They do what we do, they follow where we go, they fall asleep when they are tired. They are gorgeous.

Once a child passes that more or less ten years old mark, the life of the parents starts to change. They need to increase the frequency of orders into 7-10 times instead of 2-3 times when they are much younger. They wonder sometimes if their kids fall on their head recently as they seem to fail to focus on simple instructions. They also seem to lose much of their ability to listen and hear properly. They wonder if their kids have developed some hearing problem. They fail to exercise instructions such as: "Pick up your towel from the floor!" or "Wash your plate!" or "Pick up the eraser and pencil that you drop!" Reminders such as "practice piano now!" that are repeated 6 times are constantly replied with: "Wait!" and "Later!"

Can't wait til this period is over!

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

And We Start Over

Yap. We are starting this cycle again. As the school begins, the routine starts as well. Homework, projects, trials, meetings, conferences, you name it. My life revolves around my children, my schedule is adjusted to theirs. They are top priorities. One thing to tackle after another, they keep me going, sometimes it is to the direction of going insane. They also give me pressure. They give me challenges and joy of living, depending on from which angle I look at them. Occasionally, due to my human imperfection, I fail to see the bright side of an occurence of issue.

It is certainly not easy being a kid these days. There are so many things out there to learn and to achieve, yet everyone's time is always 24 hours a day. Learning to choose is crucial, learning to prioritise is important, along with knowing one's limitation and the joy of living.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Morning In Vancouver

5:30AM Vancouver
Thank God. We arrived safely, we got our car and we got a strategic place to stay. Everyone is tired, but relieved that everything is OK. We all adjusted very well to the time change, although I found myself waking up a little too early, before 5AM. Now, it is right bright outside. Thanks to summer, we still have sun until nearly 10PM.

We don’t know where we’re going to go yet. Originally we wanted to go to Victoria, but we were too exhausted to plan it last night. DH had to monitor the Jakarta market until early in the morning.

While In Hongkong Airport

2:55 PM Hongkong
Here I am sitting in the waiting area for our flight to Vancouver. The last 3 hours on the plane to Hongkong seemed fast, I managed to watch most part of “The First 50 Dates”.

It was a hectic day yesterday, trying to pack all the things we need and in between tried to find the stuff that we need, because we didn’t know where they were. We had lunch at Chrystal Jade, again, with the children’s grandma. This time was to celebrate her forthcoming 77th birthday, if the calculation is correct at all.

A few hours was left to pack, do the laundry and finding place to stay in Montreal and Pittsburgh. That was just past midnite last night. And after such an effort to make things right, Heng forgot to bring his laptop, realizing it only upon being asked after we left the house. This is not only it, after we checked in and passed the Immigration counter, he realized that he forgot to bring his international driving license. It is only right for me to say: “OmyGod!” Couldn’t help but feeling so upset.

Totally aware that I want nothing to ruin my holiday, I pray hard. Remember that when I have not chosen my situation, I can still choose how I will respond. Please God, help us.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Bits and Pieces

I am done and over with, with The Da Vinci Code, before Sunday. It was certainly a super exciting book.

My baby turned eight today, she continues to be my baby still. We watched "Home On The Range" with Georgette and had MacDonalds for lunch. The birthday girl had a great time.

We are leaving for our holiday in two days and none of us has packed yet. Certainly, we have only tomorrow to pack, in between running errands, lunch with my mother-in-law and the children’s piano lessons.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

A Tiring & Hot Day

It was another hot day here. It is probably the sum of what accumulated these past months, or it is just the end of school year thing, I feel really exhausted. We have merely three more days of school, whatever in those days,this school year will be history soon.

It was an exhausting day for PL indeed, having her sports day today. She did well, finishing first in 50m sprint. I don't know the details of other events, too many things too little time. KA and LG had theirs yesterday and they were really tired too.

Finally, got my chance to swim this evening. I hadn't been to the water for a long time. KA& LG came along too, to play with Ava and Kaleb.

Daniel passed us his address and all contact numbers in Montreal, asking us to get a hold of them when we get there in July. Suzanne and their children are already there. Sounds just wonderful.

Can't write no more. My eyes are just too uncooperative.

Monday, June 14, 2004


I tend to look forward to my Monday, because that's the day when I feel some sense of relief. The kids go to school, the husband goes away and I am left with plenty of things to, but gratefully and happily I do them because I have nobody disturbs with anything at all. No petty fights, no lunch to prepare, no pillows in the sofa to re-arrange every 30 minutes, etc, etc..... I can almost shout: "I am freeeee....", at least for a few hours or so, until these monsters come home from school and my busy hours begin until those little eyes and little mouth close. By then, I will be equally exhausted or even more exhausted than they are.

Just four more days of school, one of which is actually only half a day because it ends at 12. This weeks is pretty much filled with sports day, year-end parties, assembly and things like that. I'm sure it's fun for the children to close the school year in a more relaxing mode.

We are a week away from KAGCH's 8th birthday and nine days away from going to Vancouver. Still quite a bit of things to be done, but we are ready with lots of things.

LKG: out. See ya!!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Somebody, get pregnant please....

So now, as of last weekend, my children officially have 39 cousins, 19 of which my side of the family. From my other half’s side apparently there are twenty. This can’t be happening! TJ, YOU HAVE TO START REPRODUCING, WE NEED ONE MORE COUSIN to at least keep up with them, you could have TWINS if you want to. Or anybody???? Anybody?? Get pregnant please.

Here is the breakdown of female cousins and male cousins from my side, 9 girls and 10 boys, therefore, we need at least one more girl to balance it out. From ‘you know who’s side, there are 10 girls and 10 boys. Bummer………

Friday, May 28, 2004

Guardian Angels

I do have at least two guardian angels that are by my side. They pull me up when I feel down and show me the blessings that I have got. All I have to do is opening up, my heart and my soul.

Dark clouds hanging over me since last night, 'though it's now beginning to clear up.

I remember "pulling" KLan to see the Oprah Show, because that day, it was showing a lady who lost her three sons, because her ex-husband shot them. She had lymphoma and I was trying to lift up her spirit.

This morning, the same show featured a different lady whose four children, ranging from 5 yrs old to teenagers, were all shot dead by her ex-husband. How many of us have said "This is the worst day of my life."? Certainly those worst days are likely to be nothing compared to this lady's, a vet in the the 40-50s. She's not over it yet, after all it happened merely two years ago. It is certainly very painful for her, and for everyone else to just hear the story.

I believe my guardian angels pulled me to see the show knowing what a terrible morning I had. I was shown my wake-up call. Not easy to wake up and get up when anyone is physically and mentally exhausted, but your willingness is a start. One step will be followed by the next. And next.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

At the backyard of St. Ignatius Church, Singapore

Our Mother's statue
by LKG

The statue is located at the back of the church. Some people come and pray here too.
This picture was taken after KAGCH finished her last CCD class yesterday afternoon. See in September, "Grade 3 Will Be!!!"

What Happened On Wednesday

Things are started to fall into places. We have now our visas to enter both Canada and USA. Our tickets are being issued. We are getting ready to travel up north.

First things first.
We have very busy 3 1/2 weeks ahead of us.
KAGCH will be having her violin exam and LGGCL will be having her class as well as solo performance in the first week of June. PLGCCwill be going on her class trip to Tioman. Kayaking. And camping too. Sounds like a great fun.

There will be fun fair at school among many things that will be happening before the school ends. There will be Sports Day too, this will be on the last Monday of school. More birthday parties, some will be missed. Year end parties, depending on the location of the party.

LG and her whole class are going to see Harry Potter new movie, courtesy of Ms. Abidin, her tutor group teacher. How nice.

PL and her girlfriends are going to see a movie on the last day of school, after school.

Now all those are laid out, we are having air con guys come over this afternoon to service our air cons. They have been a little overworked considering how hot it has been in Singapore lately.