Thursday, September 27, 2012

Deja Vu : CoCo

We went to Curry House CoCo  Ichibanya again and not knowingly, both DH and I, ordered the same dish that we had before. I guess we are very predictable! I had Chicken Katsu Curry above, with smaller rice and DH had Fried Chicken Curry, except this time, he ordered vegetables with it. The food were good and inexpensive, CoCo is a place that we love to go back once in a while.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

From Saturday Walk....

Last Saturday, when the country was buzzing with F1 event that was taking place, I decided to join DH on his evening fast walk. The route was the usual one, all the way along the river to the Fullerton Hotel and back. It was quite a pleasant to do so, although it was a little hard to walk fast because in some parts, there were larger crowds. Only towards the very end we were able to run home.

Near Fullerton Hotel, there were gates set up for people that were watching the race. 

I took some pictures around the around using my iPhone. I have fallen in love with the quality of pictures that I have using iPhones, they may not be super best, but they are good enough. The picture below is Cavenagh bridge, right by Fullerton Hotel.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lunch At Sushi Tei

We always in need for eating as little unhealthy food as possible. It was non-meat Friday, I thought Salad would be ideal and some fish would good. I suggested Sushi Tei because I like their Sesame dressing on the salad. We shared Mini Unagi rolls and some slices of Salmon Sashimi.

DH decided to order rice with Kakiage which kind of ruined my plan a bit, the plan to stay away from fried food as I helped him eating some of his dish. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Red Ruby

Here's one of my favorite local desserts that I normally get when I eat in the nearby food court. It's Red Ruby, served with shaved ice and green pandan pearl jellies (Sago) and drizzled with coconut milk and syrup. I had it over at lunch time earlier this week. Yum!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Absolute Thai In JPO

We went to Johor Premium Outlets (yes, in Malaysia) to see what we can see and to buy what we wanted to buy. We heard of it, read about it and were simply curious to know how it was. We went to those in the USA and the prices are quite nicely discounted.


This post is about the lunch we had when we were there. There was a food court and some restaurants, but we picked this Absolute Thai. It has a branch in Somerset, Singapore as well. Again, we ordered our usual dishes. They offered a mixed appetizer, a plate of fish cake, spring rolls, etc. We also had a bowl of Green Curry Chicken.

We also had Pad Thai, which looked really wet and not too good-looking, but it was alright, and a vegetable dish.

A plate of Fried Rice with Chicken Wing was ordered for Mr. Dx, who is not a fan of spicy food and a enormous fan of chicken. Everyone was full, everyone was pleased and we then continued shopping.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lunch At Brotzeit

My sister was in town with her birthday boy, 12 year old Dx over the weekend.  On Saturday, we had lunch at Brotzeit in Somerset. Miss K was already planning to have Cheese Spaetzle, but forgetting how big the portion was. It was huge. The four of us ordered three dishes, all of which came in larger than expected size. Except maybe the Mozarella salad that I picked. In the end everybody helped themselves with all dishes on the table.

The guests' pick was Pork Medallions. It came with some sauteed vegetables and tons of fries.  The pork was a tad too dry while the fries was nice and crispy on the outside, the way I liked it. It was a very filling lunch. Fun!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fried Rice With Chinese Sausage

I got a pack of Chinese Sausages from a sister who recently went to Bali. Twelve of them, which is a lot for this house considering the fact that everyone else rejects eating pork which leaves me as the only eater. I began to use the first one for my fried rice this afternoon. I had enough leftover rice to make the dish, while the rest of the ingredients like garlic, ginger, egg, etc, were available at home. It's an easy and quick dish to make and yet delicious.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Shao Mai From Jiang-Nan Chun

DH was drawn to Jiang-Nan Chun restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel after seeing the picture of its Shao Mai in the magazine.  We had the opportunity to have lunch there last week and of course we ordered their Shao Mai. We both agreed that they are one of the best Shao Mai we have had. For me, I don't care much about the abalone on top. I am fine without one. It is still very good.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mango Pudding, Paris Baguette

We passed by Paris Baguette at Wisma Atria last Saturday and decided to try a few things from the bakery. This adorable packaging of Mango Pudding caught my eyes and I decided to grab a couple of them to take home. The brownish liquid in the bottom of the jar is caramel. Interesting, isn't it? At least for me, as I never came across Mango pudding with caramel before. The pudding was nice and creamy, priced at $4.5 each.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lunch At Paul

I still have no clue on what came to DH's mind that he wanted to eat in some cafe-style for lunch, it's really not his thing. I had three places in mind. They were Paris Baguette in Wisma Atria, Mayson Kayser in Scotts Square and Paul at Ngee Ann City. All of which tend to be crowded at meal times, especially on weekends and it was Saturday when we went out. After parking the car at Ngee Ann City, naturally the first place we passed was Paul. We saw a short line and quickly abandoned the options to look at others. 

Paul has been in Singapore for about a year and every time we passed by, there's always a long line for the table.  I saw a few things on the menu that I would like to try and all of them were very reasonably priced, IMO. We always wondered why this place has a long queue and we had the opportunity to try.

I had spinach quiche with salmon flakes (1st picture above) and DH chose Cod with some vegetables.  The food that we had was just reasonably good, not super, but I will be okay about coming back as long I do not have to wait long for the table.

The meals we had were rather small and I had space for dessert and coffee (this is so rare!). We ordered one piece of Chocolate dessert, Millefeufille Chocolat. It's bigger than I expected, but we were sharing anyway. Again it's an ordinary dessert, it was not as extraordinary as I thought would be. Coming here, my expectation was high. Paul is well known and have been around since 1899. I understand that Paul is boulangerie and we did not get to try their bread. Maybe next time.

Friday, September 07, 2012


That's Double Bloom Hibiscus that we have had for a while. The only plant we have continues to give us beautiful flowers. It survives diseases that came and went. It perseveres.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Carrot Buns With Cheese

My sister told me about the buns she loved from a bakery in the city where she lives, it's Carrot Buns with Cheese or Cheese Bun with carrot? Anyway, from her description, I gathered that the bun is sweet, it's slightly yellowish and it has grated cheese and carrots. 

Here I was, experimented. I used the same recipe for making Cinnamon Rolls, substituting a half of the liquid with carrot juice and added some amount of shredded carrot that I thought was enough  for the dough and just followed the same process. I must say that I was pleased with result. Should I want to have stronger carrot presence, I could add enlarge the proportion of the carrot juice and added more shredded carrot.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Pandan Sponge Cake

Our house has been supremely quiet with no other human being at home other than yours truly, during most of the day.  Not only the sound and the activity have been significantly reduce, so have the job creation. Not much relocation of clothes, cushions, food crumbs and mess. In short, so much less work. 
I am considering contributing Pandan Cake for the school's United Nation's evening next month. I normally make cup-cake size, but I know the uniqueness of the cake in terms of appearance, lies on on its colors. Hence, it's only right to make one big cake and sell them in slices. For testing purpose, I halved the recipe though, because there are only two of us that will test this product(Yay!). 

Sunday, September 02, 2012

eM By The River

The college girls have left the building, the big boy was overseas and now there were two at home. It became so hard to cook for two people again. Cooking a small amount results in the same amount of mess. So is the effort required. It was Saturday, originally we were going for brunch but we ended up eating breakfast at home. We then went out for lunch. Our destination was eM By The River, just a few steps away from our place, along the river. We passed by this place so many times but never were interested until I saw a post about it. 

It's a lot simpler making decision when there are only two parties involved, both of which are very cooperative people, mind you! Miss K wanted to try so many of the dishes on the menu but finally picked Croque Monsieur (Ham & Cheese sandwich topped with Bechamel Sauce) above.

I had a hard time deciding between the two dishes that I was interested in, but finally decided to indulge myself with Pork Schnitzel with Veggie Con Carne and fries. We both agreed ahead of time to share our dishes and we did. I probably ate a larger portion because my date had a big breakfast at home. The food may not be the best, but they were comforting. The service could be a lot better, but for Singapore standard, it may be just fine. There are better ones, of course.