Saturday, November 08, 2014

Mandarin Kitchen, London - Lunch

Our plan for that morning when we were in London was to take a stroll along the Kensington Gardens. The sky was grey but it didn't rain when we started walking.  We took our time, took as many pictures as we want and sent them all over the world for our family else to see. By lunch time, we arrived at Kensington Palace and Mandarin Kitchen was just minutes away from there. It started to rain and because we did not have umbrella with us, we sped up and rushed to the restaurant. 

The restaurant was still very quiet when we arrived. After looking at what they have on their menu, we decided to have a bowl of crab soup to share to begin. We also ordered a plate of fried noodles and a Tofu claypot. All of them were a bit under-seasoned, to me.

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