Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nanbantei, Tokyo

Our hotel in Tokyo was in Roppongi area and the original restaurant of Nanbantei is just 15 minutes away. On foot. The founder is also the chef and we picked our choice. The lovely waiter, who happens to speaks English really well, helped us put together a menu for both of us. He was very kind and helpful. On the wall by the door, there were a couple of pictures of the chef with the former Ambassador of USA to Japan and Hillary Clinton. We were impressed.

No the food-wise. Every single piece was really good. I forgot to take picture of the beef and they were good too. Their menu is different than the ones in Singapore, but they said that they have nothing to do with the Singapore Nanbantei anyway. We enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. It's really the kind of place that I love to go for a meal.

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