Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Pizzeria Trattoria Napule, Tokyo Midtown

It was the evening after we spent the whole day in Tokyo Disneyland and we were ready for some Italian food in the neighborhood of our hotel. Tokyo Midtown, where this restaurant was located, was just near our hotel and we, honestly were tempted by the pictures of food they put up on their ads. 

Just before writing this post, I read some reviews of the place in TripAdvisor. People have totally different views of the same waiter/manager, some hated him, some liked him. I found him accommodating to our requests as we did ask some changes from their original menu. There were many hate and love reviews about the venue and the food.  I guess, everything is always subjective. People's perception of certain things varied. 

Anyway, the above was our starter, Fritto Misto with vegetables and below is pizza that we shared. I had mushroom risotto and the other two had pasta. We also tried two desserts, Tiramisu and Cannoli. There was a cover charge of 2,000 yeah for the four of us.

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