Monday, September 27, 2010

Pão de Queijo

It was years ago that this Brazilian cheese balls were brought into our attention. Our cheese lover, Miss K, tasted some at school, I believe, it was during UN night, when there were stalls from so many countries selling the special foods from their countries. She was drooling over how delicious they were and asked me to make some. The furthest I went was getting the recipe and put it away. For many many years.......

This summer, while studying in lovely Cambridge, UK, she made friend with a girl from Brazil. Again, Pão de Queijo become another topic that we talked of and fell into the list of things to make. Our cheese lover was practically envious by the fact that her Brazilian friend gets to eat them nearly on daily basis in her home country. When she went back here, she was quite determined to make some.

We needed tapioca flower and, trying to be a good mother, I bought that yesterday morning after church. Surely by afternoon, we have the cheese balls made. These are the cousins of cheese puffs, gougeres and cheese mochi, to name a few. They look similar and the ways to make them are also similar. They are yummy.

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