Sunday, February 09, 2014

Tempura Lunch in Sapporo

We arrived in Sapporo from Niseko after lunch time. Naturally we were very hungry as we did not have a bite to eat since we left in the morning.  For once, we knew ahead of time, way ahead of time, where we (DH) wanted to have lunch. There is this restaurant up on the 8th floor  (if I remember correctly) of the Daimaru building in Sapporo station that specilizes in Tempura which DH loves so dearly. We always have a meal or two whenever we visit Sapporo.

Just like before, they did not have any English menu. We picked our meals by matching the display on the window and the price listed on their menu. Genius! DH loves to order extra fish and kakiage. Always. He was now a happier man!

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