Friday, May 02, 2014

Lunch at Ristorante Ai Portici, Tirano

We were in Tirano and we didn't exactly pick the place to eat. When we go with a bunch of people and are indirectly led towards eating in a place for the convenience of everyone, we just join them. We also had time constraint so we just had lunch here with everyone in the group at Ai Portici. Just to be fast we picked the local specialties, Caprese Salad (above) and Pizzoccherri (below). Pizzoccerri is pasta made mainly using buckwheat flour, cooked with savoy cabbage and cubed potatoes and cheese. I actually liked it. It is seldom seen on the menu in Italian restaurants outside Tirano, I was told. In fact, it was my first time hearing of it, seeing and tasting it.

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