Saturday, July 19, 2014

Busaba Lunch

It was the day after Miss K left for Ashbourne, there were just the two of us in London and million others that we don't know. DH decided that we should eat in Busaba again. It's our third time in four days.  No surprise, DH likes this place SO MUCH. This time, he agreed on ordering dishes that we had not tried before. Mostly.

I had iced ginger tea and DH ordered lemonade to start. DH had been eyeing on Fried Chicken with pandan leaves since he saw a couple of people that ate in our communal table had them on our first meal there, so we had a plate of them too this time.


We also had a salad that we had not tried before, called Yum Sam Som. It was supposed to have blood orange, but I didn't see it there. The salad had pomelo, coconut, red chili, dried shrimp and shallot. The salad was nice and refreshing.

Our crabmeat egg fried rice is below. It was reasonably good. Mild and fair, nothing too exciting about it.

It seemed that we were having a big appetite, so we also ordered Cod Stir Fry, because DH wanted too.   The dish turned out to be fried Cod fish, stir fried with ginger and a few other condiments.  Not bad at all.

Yah, we were stuffed! So stuffed!!

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