Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Inflight Breakfast - En Route to London

Our flight to London at the end of last month was scheduled for 9:05AM. Of course by the time we boarded, we had had some breakfast of this and that at the airport lounge. But once we were up in the air and we saw the menu, we, or I , simply could not resist to try. I always want to see how they are presented and taste. 

Breakfast began with a fruit platter, looking quite nice but most of them were not ripe. I had to leave most of them uneaten.

For starter, I chose Birchir Muesli, that turned out to be the best one I have ever had. I wish  knew the brands they used.

As for the main, I selected crepe with lobster, crab and prawn on a bed of asparagus, with gratin potatoes and cherry tomatoes. It was okay but it would not be something that I would order again, besides, I was convinced that I had more than enough food in my stomach until the next meal, many hours later.

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