Friday, February 13, 2015

Common Man Coffee Roasters Breakfast

This is my 1750th posting, what a number! I never thought I would have reached these many posts.

Miss K was the last one to go back to college over the Christmas holiday last year. It was January, just days before her departure and she wanted to revisit Common Man Roasters for breakfast. It had been a while for all of us. The place is very popular, long lines can be seen during peak hours and over the weekends and I never like being in the crowds or eating in the crowded place.  We went on a weekday just before 9 o'clock in the morning. It was rather quiet and just nice for us. 

My pick for the breakfast was Turkish Common Man breakfast. The soft boiled egg in the center was wrapped in phyllo and was delicious. On the plate, there were two crispy feta balls, salad and pita bread. It was filling and satisfying both in terms of quantity and taste. I was quite pleased that there were some veggies on the plate. 

I also ordered a cup of hot mocha and it came looking so pretty that everyone wanted to take some pictures of it. Three people took turn to take picture of this beautiful baby. 

DH had his eyes on Croissant Croque Monsieur. Croissant with provolone cheese, ham and bechamel sauce. It's a good breakfast size and he seemed to like it.

Miss K was dying for French toast. They served them with berries compote and ice cream. How nice is that, ice cream for breakfast? 

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