Saturday, May 16, 2015

Coco Curry, Roppongi

Our last day in Tokyo and we had to go to Airport. We did not have much time for lots of things and DH had agreed to go with me to have lunch in Coco Curry near our hotel in Roppongi area. I tried fried chicken for the first time. I think I still prefers my usual Chicket Cutlet.

DH order a burger curry. The burger had an egg in the center. He also order vegetables to make his meal healthier. (Sure!)

There was a picture of the dessert they had. We could not figure out what it was. The waiter, with her limited English, could not quite express what it was in English. We ordered anyway and it turned out to be some sort of jelly with maybe, Yuzu.

Then DH saw the picture of the dish that I pointed to him and told him I wanted on our first visit to Coco in Tokyo. He also wanted to try. It was ridiculous, we were full, so full, but he still ordered anyway. The waiter suggested a half size and we excitedly agreed. This turned out to be better than the two dishes we ordered earlier. Such a great lunch!

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