Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pancakes At Gram

Day 2 in Osaka, our plan was to take a stroll along Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori and sample all the good food as much as our stomach can consume. We knew we were being ambitious, we knew we rather have small capacities but everyone is allowed to dream big. We arrived a little bit before a half past ten and passed the cafe that we wanted to go too. It opens at 11, but DH saw a line formed already. I actually, did not want to line up, 30 minutes is long, but I did anyway. The line grew longer as the time went by. This is a popular place.

It certainly was exciting to see the thick, fluffy pancakes that have been featured by many people online.  Whether they are something that you love or not, is a different story. Everyone has their own preference. I am alright with the flavor, I love the experience. I had the pancakes with a cup of mocha that to me, was way too sweet. Would I go back? I must say, likely not. I would, however, experiment on making something similar at home that are healthier and I enjoy better.

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