Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wahaca White City Lunch

We do not normally go to Mexican restaurant for a meal although once in a (big) while, we do it. We saw many Wahaca restaurants around London and we thought of trying their dishes. This Wahaca is located along the Sheperd's Bush Westfield terrace. Each of us ordered different dishes and we tried to sample each other's and in general they all tasted good. The above is their GBP8.95 Fish Tacos and below is GBP9.95 Fish Ala Pimienta.

I can't remember exactly what the children ordered below but to my best recollection, nobody complained about the taste. We ended the meal by trying their Churros dessert, served with Chocolate Sauce. It was a good meal, I remember that the fish that ate jumped out of the taco and the sauce messed my white blouse. After the meal, I had to find a new shirt from one of the shops at the mall and changed my outfit after I got it. All good!

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