Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oh, Hello, Marcato!

The world has become a better place since Amazon began offering free shipping to Singapore. I started ordering and ordering and ordering for more things that I basically did not need, but I just want. At this rate, I am quite confident that in no time I will become one of Amazon's favorite customers from this country. I probably will soon become BFF with the UPS guy that delivers the goods to our door again and again.

Anyway, I finally ordered a Marcato pasta maker. Why not, huh? It's cheaper than buying from the stores here and nothing is better than fresh pasta, they say. I am excited that this little machine needs no washing. That is so cool. The best feature, ever. So good.

Miss P had the honor to use it for the first time. She made the dough by hand and it was a good work out. For her, of course. My workout was only on my index finger touching the iPhone screen to take pictures from time to time and giving her some unsolicited advices that she did not need. She knew what to be done and I did not. 

So here we go, we had fettuccine and tagliolini made in a bit of time. Not bad for a first try. 

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