Friday, October 03, 2014

Breakfast on The Plane

We took a morning flight to London last week and the first meal we got was, of course, breakfast. I normally have a small breakfast on the ground, just in case there's a delay in the flying time or whatever that could cause delay in meal time. By the time we got our meal, it was nearly 11 O'Clock. So glad that I ate before boarding. 

Breakfast started with a plate of fruit and followed by a cup of delicious yoghurt, after declining offer for Cereal.

My breakfast choice was Corn cakes with poached eggs and chicken sausage. The corn cake was made with corn kernels, which I thought was really interesting and quite yummy. I tasted a little bit of egg and some chicken sausage. I had enough. It was quite a big meal and earlier I had eaten already as I mentioned.

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