Sunday, October 05, 2014

Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, London

Okay, by now, we feel that going to London is not complete without having a meal at Four Season Chinese Restaurant. Their famous item is roast duck, but I do not really care about duck and I do not wish to increase my cholesterol level by eating something that I do not even care of. DH loves duck, but he was unwilling to eat the ducks all by himself. We ended up with a plate of roast pork (with crackling skin, yum!), barbecue pork (delish!) and soya chicken (yum!).

We wanted to have more green vegetables and ordered Braised Beancurd in Oyster Sauce. It turned out that it had more beancurd than the greens we wanted. Oh, well.

We also had a small bowl of prawn dumplings, there were four pieces of them and they were just fine for us. Til next time!

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