Thursday, April 13, 2017

Le Chine, Macau

Le Chine is located on 6th floor of the Eiffel tower. We just felt compelled to try, it is the only restaurant in the tower and we just had to experience dining there. They offered French - Chinese fusion dishes. The service was good, some of the food were great, but a couple were not really, including the noodles with lobster down below. . 

Starting the evening with a drink called French Kiss. The restaurant brought us amuse bouche, which unfortunately I can't remember, but it can be seen down below after the drink.It was not explained by the server and when asked, it was still not clear what it was. they were quite nice and cold, it's some sort of sherbet.

Amuse Bouche

Crabmeat tartar

Crispy chicken, it's really crispy and worth the calories.

Braised bean curd

Sea Cucumber

Complimentary matcha cupcakes. (that's my guess of what they were, the serves did not and could not explain what they were)

Pineapple tart tatin with coconut ice cream. Definitely needs more ice cream, a lot more than presented. The balance of the flavor was of because of that.

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