Sunday, January 24, 2016

Wanton Noodles Breakfast

Once in a while, we like to try new places for some dishes that we like to eat. Miss P sent us a link to this place and we went over the weekend to have a try. This place is at Block 164, Stirling Road and it's well known for wanton noodles. 

We went early to beat the crowd and to make sure that we get a slot to park easily. In some other places, eating venues are quite busy on Saturday mornings and parking places can be quite a challenge to find. It's not the case for this one. It was after 7:30 AM and we were early. There were some people enjoying the food from other stalls that were open and parking spots were plenty.

I decided to try their complete set which came with greens and braised mushroom, along with fried wantons and sliced char siu. I enjoy the flavor of the noodles, but the person that prepared the noodles seemed to have put more oil than I'd like to have. Next time, we could try to request less oil. 

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