Friday, June 05, 2015

Totoro, Ann Arbor

Our next destination after Chicago was Ann Arbor, Michigan. We tried to leave as early as possible, but we waited for quite a bit for our car to arrive. We stopped somewhere in between for breakfast and continued to our destination. By the time we reached Ann Arbor, it was lunch time and DH had his mind set on this Japanese restaurant that we visited in our previous trips, Totoro. It was right in downtown Ann Arbor, where University of Michigan is. 

We were joined by Miss L and we only ordered two dishes. I can't exactly remember why, but it was more likely that we had dinner appointment later on and it was rather a late afternoon when we sat down in this restaurant after we checked in into our hotel.  We have had better Japanese dishes elsewhere, of course, but we were pretty much happy with what we had on the table. The salad was complimentary and not interesting, but we cleaned up the food we ordered rather well. 

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