Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hide Yamamoto Lunch

The three of us went to Hide Yamamoto at MBS for lunch. The online review about this place seem to be favorable. DH had dined here before and obviously he liked it and he wanted us to have try their  food as well.

Miss K and I selected their $68 lunch. DH selected a couple of ala carte dishes, some of which did not have their pictures taken.

Our first course from the set lunch was Appetizer. There were three kinds, all of which were not our cup of tea, they were not anything we'd like to have.

Their sushi was so much better. They were nicely done and quite delicious. Miso soup was.... like any other miso soup, nothing spectacular and not memorable. I can't remember how it was like.

DH ordered Futomaki, there were eight pieces of them. He knew ahead of time that we would not be able to finish them and we took the rest home. Their futomaki is one of the better ones that I have had.

He also had a bowl of ramen and made me tasted the broth. I did not find it extraordinary, maybe other people like it better than I do.

Last course was our ice cream dessert. It was basically matcha ice cream. Done.  I was still craving for more food. 

I don't believe it's worth the price we paid and the effort we made to go there. It's good to have tried, because now I know.

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