Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ich Liebe Pork Knuckle!

Before last Monday, I had my pork knuckle (SHWEINSHAXE) in Germany some five years ago or so. We were in Schwarzwald or Black Forest, in Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany. Our children were too small to appreciate the goodness of some food and were not very keen at eating this gigantic piece of meat on the bone. My eyes, however, were only on the pork knucles that were being carried around by the waitresses. There were other dishes being served, but I can't remember what they were. Pork knuckles looked tempting and I just had to have it. And it was really good. I fell in love so completely.

Now and then I saw the display of the dish here, in this country. Some supermarkets carry them too. I always wanted to buy, but the size of it intimidated me. The thought of having to eat the whole thing all by myself was just scary. Always.

On Monday, when the four of us had lunch at Brotzeit, another opportunity arose. But still, nobody really committed into helping me eating them. I knew it was still too much for me. This time, however, I got a little encouragement. My kids said they would eat a bit and kept on saying, "take home the leftover!", which my heart and soul sided on as well. So there we go, I ordered it and had it. It was served with sauerkraut, which I am not a fan of and their potato salad, which I found too acid-ish. The most important thing was that the pork knuckle was quite good. We were not able to finish it, but only less than half was left and taken home. Satisfied is the word!

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