Tuesday, August 24, 2010


When my girls were small, I used to plait their hair. Nothing fancy, just some basic simple ones with a couple of variations. All of them had long thick hair and it was fund to play with when time permitted. As they get bigger, they got impatient and were no longer willing to have their mother do their hair anymore. It's called growing up. It's time for mummy to find other objects to plait.

I learned 5-plait technique recently, from a program on Discovery channel on bread making. Nobody has to plait their bread. Anybody could shape their bread the way they want to, but I like mine plaited. 5-plait, not 3. It's fancier with five. I made them a couple of times before, but I was not able to make it without looking at the note. My bread was wholemeal with flaxseed. Eat it warm with Lurpak spreadable. So good. Just like that.


  1. Priscilla8:21 PM

    I still want you to do my hair!

  2. Let's!
    Don't know if I can master it!