Monday, August 09, 2010

To The Spätzle We Go ....

My spätzlemaker has arrived. I ordered it from US Amazon and was brought back by the one that kept on popping up at our door very often despite being sent thousand miles away from here to get further education. I always try to make the best use of the so much money we spend on her flight, by ordering stuff from Amazon that are priced rather crazily here, but very reasonable on their side. I went all the way to Kraft grated parmesan cheese and cocoa powder. I also had my dried porcini bought online, sent to her place and carried back home. I bought a couple of new Canon lenses from there too. I am a happy woman.

This afternoon we had lunch at Brotzeit again and the kids were drooling over their Käsespätzle. I tasted some and I thought it was delicious. We'll see when we will begin using our own spätzlemaker and made our own yummy pasta.

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