Wednesday, October 07, 2015

About Something From The Past

 "For every minute you are angry you waste 60 second of happiness"

I always say, no. There is way to turn back the clock. Many of us would probably live our lives differently if we could turn back the clock.  There are many things, including good things that you did to other people that you regret. You think that after looking at things now, some people are better left alone and you could your resources to help others that are truly in need.

I was blinded by gratitude and the notion that blood is thicker than water, so I helped and helped. I let myself, in a way, got cheated. Let me begin with one case, because I have many. We loaned a vehicle to someone to help them move around more easily because they were in rather strenuous financial situation, they ended up selling it and kept the money to enlarge their wealth. We also agreed to lend money for them to buy second or third house after hearing their pitiful story.  At zero interest. And probably took six years to pay back. And more other things, using us and our money to further enriching themselves. When opportunities arise to help their brothers in need, they raised the issues they were facing with their business, their children in college and everything else. What a disappointment to me! What a shameful thing they are! I do not understand why I could not see their true colors earlier.

A decision I made 20 something years make me think sometimes, that I have wasted my time on doing things for other people and what I did for them, don't seem to matter anymore to these people. They just took free things from me and ran away with them. Those are too many years that have gone and can't be taken back and that make wonder how things turned up should I decided differently.

Some people might say, it is our job to help the less fortunate ones and those who need help. I agree, it is our job. But, to what extent? Only now, I realize that it took too much of me. Only now, I become aware that I want something in return.  Don't get me wrong, never in my dream that I expect to be monetarily paid. What I'd like to get is to see is gratitude and kindness from them to the people that have helped them, when they were down and needed help. I'd like to see that they are kind to those who need help too. Sadly, some people are selfish. And sadly, I have wasted on selfish people.

Having said that, I have no intention to make my life miserable because of these people and and their behavior. What I hope is that, this could be a lesson to some. Real blood is thicker than real water and I am not talking about the idiom. But I question if relatives and family are always worthier to help than strangers, in many cases, they are the cause of miserable part of our life.

Go on with our life, be happy and continue helping others in need.

"Don't get mad, don't get even. Do better. Much better. Rise above. Become so engulfed in your own success that you forget bad thing ever happened."

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