Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Another Day.. Some Thoughts

It's another hazy day that I woke up to again for way too many times. I had very little sleep although my flu seemed to have gone away, most of them at least. There's quietness around me and I felt obliged to start my day. My appetite for coffee was not back yet, a sign that I am not quite there in terms of health.

For some people, another day is another worry, another problem. For me that's only true too at times, but some existing problems do not go away, they linger on and bug us like itch. The same people with the same problems continue making their problems as ours. And we continue being unable to cut them out of our life.  And we continue trying to help. And we continue being upset because everything has to be their terms. And life goes on. Life continues with its complexities, many of which can not be understood by them.

People, many of them are the ones have not lived long enough on this earth and gained enough life experiences and think they know a lot of things and believe that the opinion of the people that raise them, do not matter because now they wings and they can fly. But they are so overwhelmed by the many things that adults must be responsible for. Some of them simply quit and travel, some of them start blaming others for what they want in life, and accusing them of trying to force them to do certain things.  Funny, huh? I will add strange too. They then begin their quest in finding happiness.

Now. You raise your children to wear blue, black and white as colors of their clothing. After meeting a certain someone and his family, she wears purple and orange. Are you trying to be rebellious or are you that gullible?

And the haze continues blanketing the city.

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