Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dinner At Baffo, Chicago

It was not my intention and plan to have dinner after we arrived in Chicago that afternoon. I thought, we just grabbed a light meal or salad for the evening, especially since we were going to fit into our dress on Saturday. But. Sometimes. Circumstances just forced us to change our plan. Italian food would not be my first choice as well. Again, we ended up here, in an Italian restaurant for dinner. 

Here we were, the three of us. Our mouse bouche was Savory Cannoli and we cleaned them up well.

We ordered two appetizers, burrata (above) and polpo (octopus) - below. All were small portions and both were good.

The mains were Triangoli (beef cheek, black truffle, castelmagno),

Risotto (whose else but mine!) (fontina, artichoke, black truffle)

Tajarin al nero (frutti di mare, breadcrumb, herbs )

Our dessert was Crema, salted caramel, saffron, apples, sesame. With these many small dishes and drinks, the three of us were very full indeed. Delicious food overall. 

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