Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cheesecake Factory, San Francisco

We were desperate, we were hungry, we had jetlag.  We landed at San Francisco around noon and by the time we settled into our hotel room and went out to get the food, it was around 2:30PM or 5:30AM in Singapore. Many restaurants closed after lunch. We could not really find what we liked and I thought Cheesecake Factory would be a likely pick. Off we went to Macy's in Union Square under San Francisco beautiful blue gorgeous sky. Do our dismay, there were so many people waiting for the table. We had no choice but getting a number and waited. Hungry, tired. And sleepy. 

Everything tends to be ginormous in Cheesecake Factory. We tried our best to orders things that are small or manageable to eat. To begin with, we are not even a big eater. DH, Miss K and I order our food and a couple of deep fried items to share. Miss K had a small size Caesar Salad while DH and I share a burger. Not the best food, but at least we filled our hungry stomach and more. 

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