Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ramen, Ramen, Ramen

The only ramen I wanted to try in Tokyo was actually the one from Ichiran, but I went with a Ramen lover who simply could not resist the temptation of having a bowl nearly each time he sees people eating them or sees a restaurant with ramen pictures all over. 

This particular bowl of Ramen was bought from a stall outside Tsukiji Market. We were quite full after having sushi lunch over there, but DH wanted to  give it a try. He saw a crowd, he saw a queue and he saw many people with these good looking bowls of noodles. He simply had to join. Lots of people lined up but everyone was served very quickly. The bowl looks beautiful, I tried a little bit of the soup and the noodles. They were not bad but I have tasted better ones. 

This next one is the best looking one, in my opinion. We got this from a shop in Daimaru, Tokyo, in the area called Ramen Street. Obviously there are many Ramen shops over there and we had to pick one. There's one with a very long line outside and we decided not to join the queue. I don't know what the criteria for choosing the shop, DH ended up with one store and we bought the ticket from the machine. We were quite full also, we shared a bowl again. This ramen tasted better than the above!

After having a dinner one evening in Roppongi, DH saw this restaurant, with big pictures of delicious -looking ramen and other dishes. He was determined to try their noodles, because they looked so darn good. (it's so easy to sell Ramen to him!) We came back the next evening and again, we shared a bowl, because I had no space in my stomach to have the whole bowl. I tried a little bit. It's actually quite good!

Ramen from Ichiran below is one of my top favorite Ramens from this trip. Yes, this time, I had a bowl of them, for myself. I could not finish but nearly ate all of them. It's yummy and I would not mind returning for more. More and more next time. 

Finally, last but not least, is the one from Ippudo, Roppongi. It has the best soup based and I would rank this one as my favorite of all five. Not the best looking, but as the saying says, don't judge the ramen based on its appearance. The waiters are cute too! Another reason to go again next time. Yay. 

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