Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Roka Akor, San Francisco

With our forthcoming trip back to San Francisco, I feel the need to post these "old" pictures from our trip back in August last year. I was so busy and somehow never posted these beautiful looking and delicious Japanese food we had. It was DH's and my first meal in that restaurant and certainly won't be our last. In fact, this is on top of my "to eat" list. L & V recommended the place and joined us for the meal. With four of us being there, we had a nice spread and got to try many dishes.

I can't quite pick which of these as my favorite as all of there were very fine. I was particularly impressed with the beef and hope to order the same one, should we have enough eaters on the table. Their scallops (above) were good and the sashimi was heavenly. Now I am getting excited about this long trip.

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