Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tea House Tsujiri Daimaru

When DH and I travel, we normally take a little walk after lunch, trying to process and digest all the consumption. We then proceed find more things to digest like this Matcha things. 

This gem was found in Daimaru, Tokyo. There was a line formed outside. It's a normal scene to see lines outside the restaurants, cafes and places to eat in Japan. People seem to "like" to line up. I dislike having to wait, but I really wanted to try some matcha desserts and surrendered to "waiting". It actually did not take too long. We stood in line for a bit then we made it to the seating area and had to wait a little bit more. In no time, they had a table for us. Yay. We went in and to our surprise, it is quite a spacious place.

Greedily, I picked a large dessert that seems to have almost everything matcha while DH settled with Cold matcha with sliced lemons. He is not a big fan of matcha, quite obviously. If I were to follow his preference all the time, I would never ever have matcha.

It was a super satisfying dessert indeed. Now I had to burn the calories I put in!

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