Friday, July 30, 2010

Back And Living!

A different country has a different set of rules. What am I to ask "don't kill my internet!!" to the management of the building when they said that they were going to do their so-called annual" maintenance of the building by shutting down electricity and everything else that I practically live for. It was not the case in our previous place.

Not entirely two days without those necessities, but I mostly had no internet for those two days. I had no electricity for nearly four hours, got me a little worried that my Häagen-Dazs would melt like crazy and my cheeses would end up in the garbage bin. I should have been in another country enjoying my annual holiday, but somehow I was here. That was miserable. Shame on me indeed!

But I want to plan ahead, I hope to remember to be away next July. I am spoiled by this technology and my life was altered without it. Duh! Life is good again with electricity and internet, working well. I am connected and connecting again and I am so relieved......

We had a heavy downpour this morning and the remainder of the day was cool. It began raining heavily when we were on the way back from the airport after picking up our youngest family member who spent the last one month mostly in beautiful Cambridge. We lost many of our limes to the strong wind and heavy rain, but still have some that survive and are growing well.

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