Friday, December 18, 2015

Bao, London

I had Bao in my list of places to eat in London and we made it the day before we left London. We tried to get there before 12, because this place is known to be crowded at peak times. The restaurant is small, we knew that.  Somehow, despite our effort, we could not make it and we had to queue. So we did, hoping that it wouldn't be too long and promising that if it took too long, we would leave. The wait was not terribly long and we got our seats finally. 

We merely wanted to try first, so we order two buns to share, one Classic and one Pork Confit.  They all were small. The waiter advised us to order two each, but we did not want to, because we wanted to know how good the food was first. We also ordered scallops, because we wanted to. Actually it's DH that wanted them. They were all just fine for us, not too extraordinary. We were still hungry so we ordered a bowl of Guinea Fowl rice and shared it again. It was just alright too, so we decided to leave. We were still hungry and we decided to have another lunch. Yes. Two lunches again. 

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