Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Madam Kwan's Lunch

We revisited Madam Kwan's in Vivo City recently. After being away from the country for a bit, we, normally, craved for something tasty and we thought some sort of rendang, spicy things would fix that.

First of all, I always dislike it when the waiter replies with 50 cents (or $1) when I order water. If they haven't put the price of water in their drink menu, they should have by now and they do not need to say that to my face when I ask for water. It is simply unpleasant, in my opinion. It is actually so irritating to have to pay for drinking tap water. In so many restaurants in so many cities in the USA and UK, and other countries that I have been,  they are free of charge and they come in big glasses with slices of lemon sometimes. Anyway, if they must charge, do so, There's no need to say it after I ask for water. There are better ways to inform the customers rather than saying the numbers.

Also I need to mention here is the fact that the server did not have any idea what he put down on the table. I was not sure what the plate he put down was, so I asked and he said he did not know. Hmmh.. The plate turned out to be, supposed to be, their most popular dish, Nasi Lemak. 

Anyway, the picture at the top, set out below, is called Nasi Bojari. The menu says it is try-colored rice with Assam prawns,  beef rendang and fried drumstick. There were likely two prawns and a tiny bit, very unsatisfying amount of rendang and a half of boiled egg.

DH ordered Nasi Lemak. It was served with chicken curry, samba ikon bills, dried shrimp floss, a half of boiled egg and car, according to the menu. 

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