Friday, December 11, 2015

Winter Wonderland, London

We wanted to go to Winter Wonderland, which is in Hyde Park, which is just minutes away on foot from our hotel. We wanted to go at night, to see the lights and the beauty of sparkling lights in the dark night. The problem was, we became tired so easily because of jet lag and maybe old age. When the sun went down around 4 PM, our eyes got heavier and our body screamed for the rest badly. Every night, we fell asleep early, 6-7 PM then we woke up around 2AM and struggled to sleep again and normally failed. We were exhausted. We had no energy left. After a few nights, we forced ourselves to stay awake and walked out of the door to Hyde Park. It was dark, it was cold, but we were quite excited to finally be able to "stay up". Yes, we were proud to be able to walk outside at 4:30 PM, kept our eyes opened and took some pictures. It's a victory. Finally. We saw darkness, we saw lights. 

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