Friday, December 04, 2015

Dishoom Lunch, Covent Garden

It was our second day in London. I barely had a good rest. It's all messed up, blame it on the jet lag. I woke up around 2AM and despite my effort, I could not put myself to sleep. I probably had a half an hour of short nap before 6 AM, but it barely made any difference. We picked up some croissants and coffee from outside the lounge and had them in our room. Showering did. I felt so much fresher after a good shower and then we went for breakfast.

The day's plan was to meet up with Miss P on a lunch date, she picked Dishoom. We went early for lunch, way before 12 and got a table for three. This place is famously known for being so crowded at meal times and we do not like to wait.

While waiting for our date, we ordered Prawn Koliwada to nibble on.

We collectively decided to order Chicken Berry Britania, which is a rice biryani with chicken and cranberries.

We also had their chicken curry, called Chicken Ruby, it's tender chicken with 'makhani' sauce. I have no idea what makhani sauce is, but it was good. Of course, we ordered Garlic Naan and Roomali Roti to dip on and wipe them with. Yummy.

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