Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Chao Ra Ya Dinner, Eugene - Oregon

We drove down to Eugene from Seattle, mostly in the rain. We could not make a stop in Portland as planned because it rained way too heavily. We made in to Eugene by afternoon and got our room. Our bags grew heavier each day although we constantly trying to minimize our purchase. Well, we did not try too hard in this department. 

Come dinner time, it was DH again that pick a place and it was another Thai restaurant to have dinner. We were in awe at the numbers of Thai restaurants in the places that we had been to so far. Americans seem to love Thai food.  The winner was a place called Chao Raya. 

We know that the portions are always huge in the USA, but we always want to try more dishes and we always order more than we can chew. We know it's bad, but we can't help it. We are greedy, especially DH.

For starter we got ourselves a huge plate of what they call Fish On Fire. The pieces were big, but delicious and we stopped ourselves from eating more than one.

We ordered Pad See Ew.  This dish was also yummy.

Finally, our old time favorite, Green Curry Chicken. The dish was cooked with bamboo shoots, bell peppers and green beans. It tasted good too. Good dinner, Eugene!

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