Thursday, April 07, 2016

Sukhothai Dinner, Suisun City, California

It's our time to say goodbye to Oregon and continue our road trip to California. We left Medford and headed closer to Bay area. I never heard of Suisun City prior to arranging this trip and here we were.  By the time we arrived, it was about time for dinner. Our dinner was Thai again, of course. Might as well, after a series of Thai food everyday? Let's just continue with it. 

DH's pick was a nearby place called Sukhothai. First of all, this place has a very good service. we were pleased to have dined over there. The staff gave us full attention, they regularly checked if we needed water or anything else.

It was a cold evening and DH wanted to have a cup of ginger tea. Unfortunately, the restaurant did not have such. The waiter instead brought us a few slices of ginger and two cups of hot water. How nice! It warmed my heart to experience kind gestures from strangers. Here, in the country where I live, I barely or almost never encounter such thing. We have to pay for tap water when they serve them in a glass in the restaurant. 

We ordered Tom Yum Soup this time. It came in a big bowl and immediately served into individual bowls, so I did not get the chance to take pictures of it. The soup was good, but for medium in spiciness, it's practically burning. Originally, we opted for spicy but the waiter told us it was really spicy.

For starter, we picked Royal Shrimp, they were deep dried, crispy and served with sweet and sour sauce. Delicious.

And... we were back with our old time favorite Pad Thai with prawns.

We were very full by now, but we still wanted to try their dessert. We had this black sticky rice with mango and coconut sauce. We have had better version of this else where, the mango was a Philippine mango and it was rather disappointing.

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