Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Lemon Grass, Medford

From Eugene, we drove further down and made a stop in Medford. Our plan was to stay overnight here.  First thing to do after putting our bags in our hotel room was to find a place to eat. Leaving the task to DH, we ended up with another Thai restaurant. Again, to our surprise, there are many Thai restaurants in Medford and vicinity. The one that we went to, Lemon Grass, seems to be run by a Thai family. The waiter we spoke to was from Thailand. 

For a change, small one, but still counts, we had fresh rolls. They were served with plum sauce and peanut sauce. The sauces definitely elevate the flavor of the rolls.

With our ability for eating much, being unavailable, we only ordered one more dish, i.e Pad See Ew, which was written as spicy noodles. Not bad.

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