Monday, April 11, 2016

Yank Sing Stevenson, Dim Sum - San Francisco

Sunday morning in San Francisco. It rained and rained so much. I was under the weather, my nose was stuffy and I was not feeling well in general. It was our last full day in the city before flying back the next day. It's time for dim sum and DH chose Yank Sing Stevenson. 

We had reservation so we got a table immediately upon arriving. Somehow, I did not find the table pleasant, the table is small, the space was tiny. We had bags, wet umbrellas and thick jackets and there's no place to put them. I kept on reminding DH not to get too much food because we did not have space on the table. We needed to finish before we getting more. 

Sadly, what I imagine to have, i.e. rice porridge, was not on their menu. I had to settle with other dim sum items. So here we went with lots of them, including the glorious xiao long bao.

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