Saturday, April 09, 2016

Royal Rangoon Lunch, Berkeley

Now, it's our time to head down to San Francisco. It drizzled in the morning when we left our hotel. We first drove to and around Napa Valley. It's beautiful, but it rained and we could not do much in the rain. After getting a cup of my beloved coffee from Starbucks in Napa, we drove to Berkeley. DH had errands to run over there, including checking a couple of stores that sell Berkeley t-shirts. We may or may not meet Ms K, depending on what we were having for lunch.

Our plan was to have lunch at a Thai restaurant in Oakland, recommended by a dear IG friend. Unfortunately, they are closed for lunch and we had had a reservation for dinner elsewhere in San Francisco.  Miss K suggested us to have lunch at a Burmese restaurant nearby and that's where we went for lunch. She, of course joined us for lunch.

We ordered quite a bit of them. 

My first try on Tea Leaf Salad. It was delicious, much needed and longed for greens.

We also had Rangoon Rainbow Salad, which was also nice.

Next was coconut rice and Sesame Tofu.

Finally, it's Burmese Pad Thai. Yum.

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