Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lunch At Kopi Tiam, Vivocity

We try to eat much more healthily at home these days. We also try to clear our stocks in the fridge and in the freezer. I have been cooking and baking a lot. So much more than before. At the end of the week, we treat ourselves with something tasty. I am honestly a bit tired of restaurant food, I do not look forward for a waiter to come, take our order and come back with the food. And sometimes, we really have to try hard to get their attention to get refill for ur drinks. I like to go to a clean food court with air conditioner, because it has been super hot here in Singapore. 

We picked a place and decided to go to Vivocity. There are two food courts over there that we are aware of, but I prefer a brighter place in the basement called Kopi Tiam. It was lunch time by the time we arrived. First of all getting a table. I waited a tiny bit and we got it. Next, while DH sat down, I looked around for what I wanted to buy.

There were many that I was tempted to get including some from Indonesian food stall and the vegetarian one. In the end, I opted for Yong tofu. I picked several items (looked like all fried ones in the picture, but some of them were not). I also chose small noodles (mee kia). Upon seeing this, DH wanted to have some. 

So we went with getting one dish at a time and sharing them. DH went and got a plate of bean curd, egg, etc with noodles and rice. After that,  I wanted ice kachang for dessert. That's when DH saw a beef ball stall and he wanted a bowl. It was actually quite delicious. 

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