Sunday, November 22, 2015

About Betrayal ..

Sometimes you are put in a bad situation that you do not exactly ask for. Some are insignificant. Like you are sitting in a church and someone came along and sitting next to you. This person loves to sing but she or he is tone deaf. Painful, I know. You could move away or you could simply sit there because it is not important enough to move. But there are times when you are in bad spot because people surround you with inappropriate things that you do not deserve. Maybe your husband cheat on you and have kids with some other women. Maybe someone you know, use your money without your permission and try to cover it up from you until you find out. Maybe someone that you do not know park their cars in your house without your permission when you are abroad and let your corrupted and extremely stupid housekeeper let it happen and try to cover up when she was caught.

People lie to protect themselves, people lie because they know that they are wrong and they are afraid of what you will do. They are afraid of the consequences for telling the truth.  They are afraid of what people think of them when they discover that you cheat, you lie, you have affairs with many women and you have kids with them too. They are ashamed of themselves. They should be.  Some people tell a little truth to show that they put effort into helping you, which you know may not be not true as well. But because you are smart enough, you know how to put things together, then you can safely arrive at a conclusion that these fools are trying to fool you. Only a fool does that, what an insult to our intelligence, don't you think?

T'was an ordinary Saturday, except that I was home alone today. I expected coffee in the morning, right after I got up, followed and simultaneously by checking the news and mails and browsing anything I wanted to see on the net, I minded my own business. It went that way. At least for a while, until I received bad news that basically can be translated as betrayal by the person that we had trusted for a long time. Unexpectedly. Do not imagine that it was such a massive magnitude. It was actually rather small thing. But it was still bad.  Nobody likes to get cheated or lied to. I know it is wrong to expect that life sail smoothly all the time.  Just like everyone else, when things do not go your way, I am disappointed. I have been disappointed before.  Many times. But when the same thing comes across, I could not help getting hurt and upset.

It always takes time to digest. It always takes more time to process. It takes longer times to figure out what to do. And it takes the longest time to accept and move on. Maybe. But. Just think of the people that have betrayed us as worthless human being that do not even deserve a second of our time. There are so much more precious and beautiful things in life that you rather spend your time on.   There are always a bunch of people that constantly do not appreciate what they have gotten from us and think that they all deserve to take things that do not belong to them. You probably know what i am talking about.

Simply, these idiots are not worth our time and I am doing my best to remove these cancerous bugs out of my life. I am moving on with my wonderful life. My WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL life.

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