Tuesday, November 24, 2015

About Going To London

As we approached 24 hours prior to the departure to London, we still felt uncertain whether we should go or to stay back. Many reasons for that, aside from the fact that European countries have been on alert mode. 

As usual and it's really typical of me that I let reluctance dominate my feeling for going away. I always think about carrying the bags along the airports, going through securities, sitting in the plane for really long hours and walking a long way in Heathrow to the train station and taking another transport to the hotel upon arriving in Paddington. Argh, not exciting. Such a long way to go. 

I am aware that most of the times, the plane rides are not that bad and even they can be enjoyable. In fact going to London is pleasant because we don't need to stop over anywhere. It's basically you sit, eat, watch movies, listen to music, eat more, sleep, eat again and you will be in Heathrow. That's not bad isn't it?

Now weather. Right now, London is cold, wet and foggy. It even snowed a couple of days ago. I don't mind the snow, I prefer snow than rain. If the weather forecast is correct, we won't see see snow during our stay. But. London is still going to be cold. Cold. Piercing cold. 

What made me go? I think the encouragement from my traveling mate that did it. After all, I was not really on saying no or yes. I was okay both ways. His main point was, "I want to see London before Christmas." Well, me too. I had never done it before. 

Okay. So packing continued. Limo ride to airport was not cancelled. Packed layers, gloves and thick jacket. To London we go. 

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