Wednesday, November 04, 2015

In Shanghai ..

I am always in awe of how big China is, every time I come.  The airport is huge. The streets are wide and long and keep on going far, the buildings are tall and huge, and taller and bigger. The parking lots are enormous and fancy cars like Rolls Royce and Porsche are everywhere. It's "wow".

I am talking of Shanghai here, the largest city by population of more than 24 million people living here. Massive, dense, big and beautiful. If you have never been here, I really think this is one of those places in the world that you could consider to see.

We have been here for three days, but haven't done much but staying in Pudong, meeting people and having dinner with  different people and walking around the neighborhood. Neighborhood of skyscrapers. We are surrounded by IFC, Oriental Pearl Tower, SWFC, to name a few.  Everyone of them is really really tall. Here are some of the first few pictures.

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