Saturday, November 07, 2015

Hairy Crab Business, Wang Bao He

If you go to Shanghai when the season of hairy crab is on, it's like an obligation to have them at least once. People seemed to ask and tell us to go and eat them. It is the perfect place to have them, surely. Of course, you can get them elsewhere in other countries, but the experience probably would not be the same. I know some restaurants here in Singapore, sell them for $40 per piece, not a big one. They are rather small and it's a tad challenging to eat actually, at least for us.

While some people would be super excited to experience the delicacy, both DH and I were on "limited" excitement. First of all, we stayed in Pudong while the restaurant is in Puxi. It's a bit of distance. A friend had managed to book us a table at the very last minute and it was for dinner. I am famous for not liking to go out in the dark and most of the time, we do not take big dinner. We tend to take smaller dinner these days.

But, --. People had been so nice to us and we were in Shanghai for Pete's sake. Just go. So off we went to a restaurant called Wang Bao He, a restaurant that is well known in specializing in crab dishes. Probably all dishes there have crabs in them, except for their desserts and drinks. 

In the end, we were not particularly impressed about the crabs and the dishes we had.  We are glad to have gone and sampled such a popular kind of crab in Shanghai and tasted the dishes (see below) in this well known restaurant, but I don't think this is a restaurant that we'd like to return to. 

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